Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lady Boy Entertainment

The thriving lady boy industry in Thailand is one to not be missed. If you love drag shows, theatre, dramatic entrances, lavish costumes and entertainment for not-quite-the-whole-family, check out one of the many cabaret shows. Generally following the loosely used term burlesque ideals, these shows can be often comedic and over the top. They're colorful and exciting and truly part of Thai tourism. Cabaret shows aside, the average lady boy can be seen all over Thailand and isn't necessarily a performer but maybe a sales clerk, waitress, or just a passerby.
Surprisingly, they do a very good job of tucking it back or in some cases they've had the surgery
because in the particular show I saw, I saw no bulges or any other penile evidences. These men without the organ switch-up surgery are known as "transvestites" while those having the surgery are "transsexual."Because this surgery is quite expensive (as you can imagine), most ladyboys are simply transvestites or she-males. The breast augmentation is found to be much much cheaper and therefore many opt for this type of surgery.      However, for the simple backpacker or not so informed tourist, this could set one up for an embarrassing or in some cases quite uncomfortable encounter. So be sure, foreign boys, before taking a sweet Thai "girl" to your bed, you may be signing on for more than you bargained. Additionally, some lady boys are incredibly beautiful! They can be very effeminate with amazing tits, banging bodies and flawless make up, some look better than most real girls.

Kathoey is the Thai term for this third gender. They are also known at Phyuing prophet song which means "a second kind of woman." The history of this lifestyle seems to date back to World War II, when in Thailand women were not permitted to perform in public, so instead men dressed in women's clothing and performed for the soldiers. These days Thailand is glittered with lady boys just trying to live their lives like any other woman. They want to be loved and desired, sexy and sought after.  When in the past, families would encourage their daughters to venture to Bangkok to work to make money to send back to their villages, now families are pushing their sons to Bangkok to live a life as a Kathoey in the Bangkok night life. 
 These lady boy shows are much more than a common drag show, which, don't get me wrong, are super fun no matter your sexual orientation. They are themselves a major contribution to the Thai culture and should not be missed <3 p="">

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  1. This show was so much fun! Great blog about it!